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  The table below shows the latest versions of all the products and the date when they were last updated.


Education related Products Version Updated History info
Teachers Personal Information Manager 7.0.04 22/06/2013 see latest info
WORDsearch creator PRO 2.0.003 07//01/2009 Updated
Ten Quick Questions 7.0.02 22/06/2013 see latest info
The Numbers Game - (countdown) 4.2.01 30/01/2009 added the ability to resize
Report Writer - Comment Bank 4.0.02 18/06/2011 Updated
Pair Them Up! 4.00.01  04/05/2011 History
Matchstick Mania 1.0.01 20/05/2007
Coordinate Pictures 1.0.02 19/07/2009 improved image control
Multiple Choice Quiz Creator -New 7.00.01 25/06/2015 History
Crossword Creator Pro 1.0.0 15/06/2008  
The Letters Game - (countdown) 1.0.0 18/10/2010 fixed Win 7 bug
SuDoku Creator PRO 1.0.1 15/09/2008 a small update
Traffic Survey 2.0.0 08/05/2011  
Dartboard Maths 1.0.0 10/01/2010  Screenshots
Maze Creator Pro 1.0.0 15/05/2010  Screenshots
Meerkat Statistics - 1.0.0 03/07/2011  Screenshots
Resource Booking Sheet 1.0.1 23/07/2011  Screenshots
Other Products Version Updated History info
Client & Candidate Coordinator

(Recruitment Consultancy software)

3.0.1 25/02/2012  Screenshots



This table shows a list of the current VBA projects available for downloading:


VBA Projects Information
MS Word - Report Generator A fully customizable word template with lots of extras for making report writing a lot easier. Imports data from an excel sheet if required.
MS Powerpoint Countdown Timer A timer that counts down from the preset value and then automatically displays the next power point slide.
MS Excel - Spearmans Rank  A spreadsheet to calculate Spearman's Rank correlation coefficient from the Data variables that you paste (enter) into it.



This table shows a list of the other CSFsoftware utilities available for downloading:


Utility Information
Word Document Merger A small application designed to allow you to merger 2 or more word documents together in any order you wish.
FTP Uploader A command line File Transfer Protocol uploader - designed to allow uploading of a file to a web server within a script.
Name Picker A quick and simple to use Random Name Selector



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