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TPIM is a personal information manager designed for teachers. Its main function is to provide a user friendly interface for saving, displaying and extracting information. For those of us who are lucky enough to have a laptop in the classroom, this is a 'must have' application which you will wonder how you did without after a very short time.

TPIM stores all it's information in a specially designed Microsoft Access Database format. When you first start TPIM the start-up wizard will allow you create a database designed on your timetable and term dates. This database may be password protected and automatically backed up for security whenever you wish.

When you setup the database you can choose a one or two weekly timetable and set the teaching term dates to any periods of time. TPIM only currently works on a 5 day (Mon - Fri) timetable. TPIM includes Daily/Weekly planning, Registers, Grades, Pupil notes, post-its, calendar of events, incident reports, seating plans, timetabling, personal contacts database and more.        

More information and screen shots....      (8.05 Mb)   

Self extracting installation - TPIM_704.exe (8.43 Mb)  

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 Download the TPIM help file. (TPIM.chm) - 1.85Mb