Terms and Conditions :



Any CSFsoftware package that requires registration to reactivate it after a specific time period (trial ware) or requires registration to remove a splash screen (nag ware) may be downloaded and installed for testing purposes. All such software packages have their own End User License (EULA) which must be agreed to upon installation. Software should be fully tested prior to purchasing as once license information has been distributed, all transactions are final and refunds will only be made at the discretion of the author.



Purchasing CSFsoftware means that you are purchasing the registration details that enable you to remove either a splash screen or a time limit depending on the software package. All software packages should be downloaded from this site in order to make sure that the latest software version is being used. Software will not be distributed via compact disk or any other means other than via email at the authors discretion. Each software package has its own variety of options for the purchasing of registration details. In all cases an invoice can be provided and is often the best solution for educational institutions. Invoices are generated in pdf format and sent via email. All CSFsoftware payment details and company details may be found within an invoice.  Registration details will only be distributed when payment has been received. (Purchase Orders are no longer accepted as payment )


 Type of License:

For all software packages there are only two types of License which inherit the following Terms and Conditions for their user:

Site License :

This type of license allows the institution that purchased the license to install the software on any computer or network drive that is owned and maintained by the institution for use by the institutions staff.


Single User License :

Installation of the program purchased under a single user license is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the licensee plus one additional computer also owned by the licensee. However, at any given time only one copy of the software may be in use.