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Matchstick Mania    (Freeware)


Matchstick Mania is a piece of software to play and design your own Matchstick Puzzles. The software runs full screen at all resolutions although larger matchstick puzzles will be difficult to see on screen resolutions of 600 x 800. There are currently 24 puzzles to choose from however you can add your own and even delete any of the 24 current ones if you don't like them!

The idea is to select a puzzle and then move the matches around as described to try and solve the puzzle. You can click the solution button to see the pre-programmed answer at any time. The matches can be rotated by right-clicking on them. There are only 64 matches available to create your own puzzles with, so puzzles that use more than 32 matches cannot have a solution saved.

Match Mania consists of only 2 files, the program file and a configuration file, keep these 2 files together and run the program from anywhere.

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( 214 kbytes)
Self extracting installation file will place the exe file in its own folder and create a start menu shortcut. (MatchMania.exe 500 kbytes)