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Ten Quick Questions Pro 

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This program is designed to allow the practice of specific mathematical topics all of which have sub categories of various difficulty. You choose a topic and the program generates 10 random questions on this topic. The questions can be displayed on a timer basis from 2 seconds to 60 seconds per question, or individually by selecting the next button. You can pause the timer at any point you like and swap between timer and no timer during the display of the 10 questions. When finished the program offers you the option to display the answers to the 10 questions however you can also choose to display the answer to the current question at any time. This software is nag ware and as such will popup a nag screen every so often until it is registered.

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Self extracting installation file (TenQQp.exe  3284 kb)   


10 Quick Questions FREEWARE Version NOTE :     Although still available this product in no longer being upgraded or supported and as such has been superseded by Ten Quick Questions Pro