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 Pair Them Up! 





This software allows you to create your own 'Pairs' games (concentration game). There are 24 cards displayed (12 pairs) which hide the questions you design unless you specify otherwise. The program loads questions as bitmap files i.e. when you design your own questions you use the built in function to create a new empty bmp file which is divided into 2 x 12 empty rectangles. The program will prompt you to open the blank bmp file into the Windows Paintbrush program for editing or you can use your own graphics program. You can then enter whatever you want into the respective rectangles (Pictures or Text). The program also has various settings to make your games more personal such as displaying a Picture behind the cards (Full screen, centred or tiled), displaying a picture on the reverse side of the cards (built-in pictures or your own custom picture), changing the sounds, and changing the time delays. You can play a 1 to 6 player game and you can show one of each pair with a red circle in the corner of the reverse side of the card to make the game easier when the pairs are a question and answer. Added in the latest version is the ability to play the game without covering the pictures. A swapping mode and an image only mode. Ver  Supports installation for all users and the ability to create a network installation package.

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( 1.10 Mb)     

 Self extracting installation file : (PTUse.exe  1.48 Mb)