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Multiple Choice Quiz Creator                     HistoryInvoice Purchase       


This software provides a quick and easy way to create Multiple Choice Quizzes for educational use within the classroom. It is ideal for use on an Interactive Whiteboard and currently allows 3 different modes of play. For more information on these please see the Show Me More.. section below.
The software package comprises of two programs, a Player and an Editor. The MCQ Player is FREEWARE and as such does not need to be purchased and will not stop working. The MCQ Editor is 30 day trialware which provides an opportunity to test the software and create a few quizzes of your own which you will always be able to play with the Player. 

Included within the software package are a few quizzes, and some images, sounds to use when customising the MCQ Players appearance. Nearly all aspects of the Player may be customised with your own colours and images.

The MCQ Editor program provides a WISWIG view of the quiz file so that you can see what the quiz will look like whilst you are creating it. Other quizzes may be downloaded/uploaded from the File Repository

The software can be installed for all users under an administrators account however this will require a site license if you wish to register the editor. A  license file can be provided to educational institutes that wish to create an MSI for network deployment.

More information and screen shots.....           

 Upload/download Quiz files in the repository    


(Self extracting setup file)    MCQC.exe