Client & Candidate Coordinator


The Client and Candidate Coordinator (CCC) softaware package is a multi user Recruitment MS Access Database backend with a VB6 frontend, originally designed to help run a new recruitment consultancy business. The software was built to their specification and typical recruitment features are implemented, such as; management of clients contacts, candidates, companies, vacancies etc


The default Administrator password is : admin


The Access database is password protected with an encryption of the drive serial number that the database is located on. The database can be located anywhere on a network that the frontend program can access however if the database is moved to a different drive you must first use the admin tools to remove the password otherwise it will not be accessible. The database is automatically protected again when a user first logs on if no password is detected.


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Download now:  (1,679 kb)   

Self extracting installation - CCC.exe (2,064 kb)