Ten Quick Questions







Version History






Apart from all the bug fixes and new topics added below I have made a change to the questions side panel. When you select a topic you can now see if there are all 10 questions are available for this topic by seeing if the small button under the questions button is available. You can also select the questions button at any time
without having to stop the question display.

1) Added finding the transformation of a graph in terms of y=f(x)
2) Added Volume of Prism - requires calculating the cross sectional area
3) Separated the angles in straight lines and full circle into two categories one of which involves no algebra.
4) Added a positive addition of like terms algebra - simplifying section
5) Changed - solving for x in ?x ? = ? to give a few with negative subject
6) Added finding the missing angle in a triangle
7) Added finding the missing angle in irregular polygons
8) fixed a problem with incorrect answers to some DST graphs and added more variation to the questions.
9) Added finding the gradient from two points given on a graph
10) Added Fraction of ? given the amount it equals
11) Added Using a protractor
12) Added (Simplify) ?ab x ?ab
13) Added Mileage Charts
14) Added more options for BIDMAS
15) Added inserting brackets to make the sum correct
16) Added Find the y values given the x value - linear equations
17) Added Find the y values given the x value - linear Harder
18) Added Find the y values given the x value - quadratic equations
19) Added addition and subtraction of mixed fractions.
20) Added multiplication and division of mixed fractions.







New in this version:


1) Fixed a bug in the Customize tree view that added the load MCQ files to the algebra section.
2) Added long multiplication with decimals.
3) Separated circle theorem question into its own category and subdivided it further into questions based on tangents (edexcel 2MB01 unit 2) and mixed questions. The mixed questions will be divided further at a later date.
4) Added a Circles - (Answers in terms of Pi) category. This category allows for topics that involve Pi in the calculation to be uses in a non - calculator fashion. Current topics in this category include: Area of Circle, Surface area of Cylinders, Area of a Sector, Length of an Arc, Perimeter of a Sector and Volume of Cylinders.
5) Added finding a length (and part of a length) of a rectangle given the area.
6) Added a Collecting Data section to data handling with types of data.
7) Added Upper and lower bound calculations
8) Added a section on 3D Pythagoras within a 3D coordinate cube.
9) Added a section on Bearings combined with regular polygons
10) Adjusted the hour hand in Telling the Time so that its more realistic of a clock.
11) Added a subtopic for stating the missing inequality between two numbers.
12) Added a separate topic for Negative Numbers and included two temperature related subtopics plus currently existing subtopics.
13) added ratio subtopic - Given ratio A:B and amount of A, find B
14) added words to numbers sub topic.
15) added a check for internet upgrade option with proxy settings if required. Version checking - download upgrade - install.
16) Added a small previous button next to the Next/Play button which allows you to go to the previous question when question 2 - 10 is displayed.
17) Changed the single answer popup and answer sheet to display special characters like Pi and square root signs, powers, column vectors etc Most answers should now be displayed in the same format as the question is formatted.
18) Added a font selector for the questions that are written as text, some questions although appear to be text are drawn as a picture and the font stays as Ariel for these but those questions that are written as normal text in the default font (Comic Sans MS) can be changed to any font you like although the size will remain large and depend on the size of the main screen on the application.







Microsoft recently released a security patch that makes it impossible to view CHM files that are stored on a network drive (as opposed to CHM files stored on your own computer). The help file will appear, but instead of the topic text you will see an error message "this
page cannot be displayed". The security patch and its effects are fully described on Microsoft's web site at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896358

1) This had an effect on Ten Quick Questions because all the topic notes are kept within the help file and as such if Ten Quick Questions is installed on a network share the notes are unavailable. In order to combat this, when the user selects to see the notes for a specific topic the program checks to see if the help file is situated on a network share and if it is it copies it to the temporary file directory of the computer in use before displaying the help file. If the help file already exists in the temporary files directory then it just opens this file instead and does not recopy the help file.

2) Changed the way TenQQ processes the registration information so that it checks the ini file before checking a license file. This also prevents a single user license being used when the product is installed on a network drive.
3) Added solving simply linear equations to give positive answers only
4) extended "Solving equations created from diagrams" to give sides of parallelogram as well as angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.
5) added a few extra notes for certain topics to the help file.







New in this version:


1) Fixed some typos - please let me know if you come accross any more of these.
2) Fixed an incorrect answer in Vectors with ratio
3) Fixed an incorrect definition of Regular Polygon for rectangle and rhombus in 2D shapes
4) Added Improper fractions to Mixed fractions
5) Added Mixed fractions to Improper fractions
6) Changes simple simultaneous equations so that 1x or 1y is written as just x or y respectively
7) fixed an error with 24 hour clock using 24:00 instead of 00:00 and added the All Questions option for all question in this topic.
8) added solving indices to find n i.e.  3^n = 1/27









New in this version:


1) Added Find the equation of a line parallel to a given linear equation at a given point P
2) Added Find the equation of a line perpendicular to a given linear equation at a given point
3) Added Substitution topic - Given a, b and c find ?a ?b ?c
4) Added Decimal Complements to the decimals section
5) Added Addition of column Vectors - graphical representation
6) Added Subtraction of column Vectors - graphical representation
7) Added Vector problems - find vectors in terms of p and q
8) Added Area Scale Factors - finding an area based on similarity
9) Added Volume scale factors - finding a volume based on similarity
10) Added Given the value of one trig function find the value of another
11) Added Roots and Cube Roots to -Indices-(Squares, Cubes, Square and Cube roots)
12) Added Surds - Simplify (? + /?)(? + /?) or (? + /?)
13) Added Algebraic fractions - adding and subtracting
14) Added more variety for rearranging (requiring factorization)
15) Added Solving equations created from angle diagrams
16) Added Solving Quadratic equations by completing the square
17) Added Problems leading to solving a quadratic
18) Added Harder Estimating Questions (1 s.f. using fractions)
19) Added Vector diagram questions involving ratio of sides
20) Added Angles in Half and Full Turns (5 different types)
21) Added Lines of Symmetry questions
22) Added Order of Rotational Symmetry questions
23) Added Finding the distance between 2 coordinates to Pythagoras Topic (All questions)
24) Added Finding the distance between 2 points on a map using a scale - Pythagoras
25) Added Finding the bearing on a map using trigonometry
26) Added Patterns & Sequences - (next term)
27) Added Patterns & Sequences - (nth term)
28) Added Patterns & Sequences - (10th term)
29) Added Patterns - (what shape will have ? squares)
30) Added Conversion of decimals to Percentages - Decimal topic
31) Added Conversion of Percentages to decimals - percentages Topic
Changed the size of the numbers on any graph axis to make them easier to see.
separated Pythgoras and Trigonometry into 2 different topics







New in this version:


1) added options for creating shortcuts to topics in various places - (right click on topic) When you run a shortcut the program starts at this topic ready for you to select next or play.
2) added duplexing to stop multiple instances, running a shortcut whilst the program is running will set the currently running program to the new topic.
3) added an option in the settings to a create shortcut for all topics in the desired location, these shortcuts can be hyperlinks in word /excel etc
4) added an option to show all command line parameters for every topic.
5) Changed some spelling mistakes and and fixed a couple of display problems.
6) Added a Tree Diagrams topic to Probability
7) Added a Stratified Samples topic to Data Handling
9) Added a Two-Way Tables topic to Data Handling, with 4 question type options
10) Added a Customize Tab to the Topic Selector window. This allows you to customize the 10 questions by choosing 2 or more subtopics from which the questions are randomly taken. Your custom question subtopics can be saved as a tqq file for opening again later. By default the tqq files are opened and saved in the users My Documents folder.









New in this version:


1) fixed the display of axis numbers on histograms when resizing
2) fixed some spelling errors
3) Added 'All Questions' option for any topic that could be shown as text.
4) Added a reload button to the Questions form in order to enable the loading of a new set of ten questions and answers without having to close the questions window. Useful if you want to make sure you have a good variety of questions when choosing a mixed question section.
5) Changed the Converting Decimals to fractions into a Decimals only subtopic.
6) Included the + - \ x of decimals in the above subtopic plus an option for a mixture of these
7) added a subtopic to the decimal section which displays a decimal multiplication sum and answer and asks for the answer to a similar question where the numbers used are increased or reduced by factors of 10, 100 and 1000.
8) Fixed a bug with the search function when moving back to the selector tree before selecting a search item.
9) Randomized the table orientation for finding the mean from a frequency table
10) Finally sorted out how to fill a region that has multiple colours in it. Up until now when colouring in a part of a diagram the program only coloured pixels that had the same colour, this caused problems when the background picture had multiple colours. This should no longer occur and as such you should now be able to have any background picture you like without having to worry about the deterioration of diagrams drawn by the program.







New in this version:


1) Added some new topics
a) Numerical Indices Questions
b) Mixed Simplifying equations questions
c) Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

         d) Finding the mid point of 2 coordinates

2) Fixed the display of some questions that were drawn incorrectly at specific resolutions. This was more pronounced when resizing the application.

3) Added the ability to create and load external question files. This ability is available for
(mcq) file formats the type of question files created with MCQC - (Multiple Choice Quiz
The MCQ Editor in this package allows you to create multiple choice question files for Ten Levels (questions in the case of TenQQ) Each level can have up to 50 questions in it so that the files are fairly reusable without getting the same questions over and over again. The more questions you add to each category the more usability you will get from the file. If you only wish to use the file in Ten Quick Questions Pro and not the MCQC package then you only need add a question and one answer. You can then load the file in Ten Quick Questions as a question and answer file. If you create multiple choice questions you can still load the file in Ten Quick Questions but you should load it as a Multiple Choice questions file. For each question some text and a picture may be added, but extra text formatting will not be available in Ten Quick Questions since it doesn't use a Rich Text Format Control. For more information on this facility please select one of the Load file options and click on the Note/Examples button. Also check out the online flash video demonstration.

4) Added an online flash video demonstation:
(sorry about my boring voice!)


5) Updates parts of the Note /Examples file









Happy New Year.


1) Added the ability to resize the application window so you don't have to have it running full screen all the time. Double click on the title bar to toggle from sizable to maximized and back again. The minimum size the application can be run in is 600 x 800 screen resolution.
Info: This facility was added for a fellow teacher who uses a dual monitor for his laptop and projector so that he can have his laptop screen separate to what is being projected. He can now drag a non maximised version of TenQQ onto his projector screen which he couldn't do before. The duel monitor setup is very good for laptops that run a screen resolution greater than the projectors resolution and also allows you to have software open that can't be seen on the whiteboard.

2) Added the ability to right click on any sub topic and select to create a shortcut to this topic. The shortcut is created on the desktop and will open Ten Qucick Questions at this topic. You still have to click on the Topics Button but when you do you will find the topic already selected and ready to go. When using a shortcut the last topic used (default topic) is ignored.

3) Added a Links facility tab to the Topic Selector. This allows you to create links to files and URLS which can be opened from within Ten Quick Questions. I added this so that I could quickly and easily locate all my favourite resources for each main topic.


4) Fixed and error in the notes for Highest Common Factor







New in this version:


1) removed the notes facility and placed all Notes/Examples in a separate help file. This file can be accessed in the same way but also now contains links to notes for related topics. As the software develops the topics in this file will increase also. The images from this file may be copied into IWB interactive software by simply right clicking on the image and selecting copy then pasting into your desired software. in many cases these are similar notes to what I use when teaching a topic.

2) fixed a few spelling mistakes
3) added solving inequality equations to algebra inequalities section
4) added Angles in regular polygons to angles section
5) added simple column vector topic
6) added a compound measure category to shape and space with
            i) Height vs time graphs for filling containers
ii) Distance Speed and Time questions
7) added Finding the Area of a Sector
8) added Finding the length of an Arc.
9) added Finding the perimeter of a Sector
10) added Finding the area of a minor segment.
11) added Graphical Inequalities - state the inequalities that describe the shaded region.










1) fixed a few minor display problems with previous version.

2) Added a Blinds slider to the notes facility to only show parts of the examples.

3) Added several more Notes/Examples (Total notes =38)










1) added better support for resizing graphics to produce a better quality image. (better quality backgrounds)
2) Changed the sidebar for a large/small option that can be moved to any position on the screen.
3) Changed the timer to fit more with the side panel which can be moved to any position on the screen.
4) Added a number of Notes/Examples (currently 28 topics also have notes/examples)
5) Added a long multiplication topic
6) Added a "Telling the Time" topic to SSM
7) Enhanced the angles in parallel lines for more variety
8) Added support to open the notes/examples from the topic selector

9) Added an "Area of Parallelograms" Topic to SMS
10) Added an "Area of Trapeziums" Topic to SMS


NOTE: due the substantial work that I have put in to this product and its increasing popularity the price has had to be increased.









1) Fixed a problem with the size of the numbers in subtractions of numbers 1 to 10 with 1 dp
2) Fixed an intermittent bug in probability - occasionally not showing the correct number of Red counters
3) Added a keyboard event for the Questions form.
4) Added Simplifying fractions to the fraction section
5) Added an option to turn off Alpha Blending on the answer balloon, which may cause a problem on some VISTA systems.
6) Added ordering fractions smallest to largest.
7) Added ordering fractions, decimals, percentages to the MIXED section.
8) Added two more types of Pie chart questions and a mixed section.
9) Added a mixture of the current volume questions.
10) Added a complete set of new buttons. Also changed some of the visual aspects.

11) Added a Example/Notes button which is available only for topic where examples have been written. At present only a small number of topics have been included.


12) Changed the default location for the creation of the TenQQ.ini file to the users

My Documents folder. In this way individual users of the same computer can have their own settings for the program. Also added a license file support for site licenses such that the program can be run from a network shared drive.  For more details on this please contact the author.


The size of the program file TenQQpro.exe has been dramatically reduced to 2.5Mb








This version changes the location of the programs settings file (TenQQ.ini) In previous versions this file was created by the program when it was first used and it saved the file in the Windows folder. This has now been changed so that the file is created in the same place as the program resides. In this way the program can be used and registered on a memory stick (pen drive) or memory card or removable disk, making it more portable for single users. Note that any settings file that is found in the windows directory will be given  priority and as such users wishing to register their copy to a specific removable media will need to first check for the existence of this settings file in the windows folder and delete it before entering their registration details. If the software is to be run from a network share then you will want each user to have their own settings file in the users windows folder so that they can have their own settings for the program.









1) Fixed a wrong answer for one of the graph questions.

2) Fixed some spelling problems.

3) Added 4 types of questions related to Quadratics in the Graphs section

          i) find the roots of an equation - ie factorize and solve given the graph
ii) given the graph with roots find the equation.
 iii) find the minimum point of an equation - complete the square
iv) given the minimum point for f(x) write down the coordinates of the new min
             after a translation of Af(Bx+C)+D only C and D are used at the same time.
 v) Transformations of Trigonometric Graphs - only Sine and Cosine used.

4) Added a Quadratic Manipulations topic which includes the following sub topics

i) Solve by factorising (Coefficient of x=1)
ii) Solve by factorising (Coefficient of x>1)
iii) Solve using the quadratic formula (to 1 D.P.)
iv) Completing the Square to find the values of p and q









1) Fixed some wrong answers with Indices (Reciprocals and fractional indices) and added a couple more types.
2) Fixed the problem of the Selector not opening at the correct position for Indices within the Number Topic
3) Fixed a small error in the Convert 12h clock to 24h clock which occasionally gave a time of 04:61 for instance :(
4) Added a Proportionality Topic to Number - includes Direct and Inverse Proportionality + mixed
5) Added a set of fractional probability questions to the probability sub topic
6) Added a sub topic of Histogram questions to Data Handling
7) Added a Graph sub topic to Algebra which currently only has one option to describe which graph best suits the equation given.
8) Added an option in the General settings panel to create a text file of the current topics available. This will list the hierarchical topics in reverse order to that shown in the program but sub topics will be in the correct order. Sorry there is nothing I can do about this at the moment.
9) When the program is closed it will now remember the last topic used and automatically go back to this when the Topic Selector is clicked.
10) Added a SEARCH facility to the Topic Selector - this should now make it easier to find what you are looking for :)









1) Added 24-hour/12-hour Time Questions to SSM
2) Added difference between two 24 hour times
3) Added 3D Coordinates to Algebra-Coordinates
4) Added Volume of cuboids to SSM - Volume
5) Added Surface Area of cuboids to SSM - Area topic
6) Added Surface Area of triangular Prisms to Pythagoras topic
7) Added Volume of cylinders to SSM - Volumes
8) Added Surface Area of a Cylinder to SSM - Area topic








1) The ability to show all questions when finished is now available when using the timer.
2) Added mixed rounding for nearest 10,100 and whole numbers.
3) Added Upper and lower bounds to the rounding section
4) Added Simple Interest and Compound Interest questions to percentages.
5) Added Dimensions of formula to Shape, Space and Measure.
6) Added two options for Inequalities to Algebra.









1) Added Sine and Cosine Rule section with mixed questions
2) Added Surds section to Number - simplify, rationalize and simplify
3) Added Decimals to fractions topic - normal and recurring decimals
4) Added item to the Solve equation section - (?a)^?=? solve for a
5) Added item to the indices section of Algebra - ?^n=? find n
6) Added options in rounding for mixed D.P. and mixed S.F.
7) Added option to substitution for expressions involving brackets
8) Added Area of combined rectangles questions
9) Added Harder Perimeter questions
10) Added equivalent side length identifiers to the 2D shapes
11) Added Mean from frequency table (shoe sizes)
12) Added Estimated Mean from grouped frequency table (test scores)









1) Fixed the display of the angle with the trigonometry questions

2) Added simplifying ?(?a + ?) ?(?a ?)

3) Changed the way that the questions are displayed having finished the 10 questions or clicked on Stop. The questions are now displayed in a separate window which means that graphical questions can also be displayed. The questions can be displayed before and after the Answers are displayed which enables you to backtrack to questions that cause a problem for the students. Any question can be copied to the clipboard either as a picture or text and where possible there is also the option to display all questions in one go which enables you to copy 10 questions for the students to have a go at in their own time or use within a worksheet. The All questions option wil only be available for questions that are not drawn in a graphical manner.










When registering Ten Quick Questions Pro the registration data entered into the registration form is first validated - encrypted and saved in the file TenQQ.ini The file TenQQ.ini file is just a text file that should be automatically created in the windows folder and holds the users settings as well as the registration information when the user first accepts the license agreement. It would appear however that on some computer this file does not get created and as such any settings or registration information is not saved. It is likely that this is due to Administrator restrictions. This version has an extra function to make sure that the ini file is created when the program is first run however should this fail the file will need to be created manually.


To create this file, start notepad.exe from the start menu - run dialog and save the empty file as TenQQ.ini in the windows folder on the computers hard drive i.e.  c:\windows\TenQQ.ini

As long as this file exist it should be possible to run the program from any destination.


If you are a registered user of version 3.0.06 and the software doesn't have a problem keeping your registration details, you do not need to upgrade to this version.








1) Fixed a small bug with the amswer to a particular simplifying question and a missing factorising question/answer
2) Added Reflection, Rotation, Translation, Mixed, and Enlargement to Transformations Topic in Shape
3) Added the start of a Pie Chart Sub topic
4) Moved Ratios to its own sub category under number
5) Added the ability to copy questions/answers to the clipboard for pasting (Ctrl+V) into other applications such as Smartboard / Interwrite / MS word. Just right click on the question, When the question is text based then text will be pasted allowing it to be altered and when the question is picture based the picture will be pasted. At present it is not possible to see previous questions when the question is picture based because they are generated on the fly and there is not enough desktop space, however I am working on a solution to this.
6) extended the sound effect option so that you can start the sound at a particular point in the countdown. You can use this together with the sound file (51.wav) to countdown from 5 to 1 aloud.









1) Added some of the Rules of Indices to Algebra
2) Made the Topic selector open at the same places as previously selected
3) Added a Mixed Topic with Negative Numbers
4) Added some basic probability sub topics
5) Moved Measure to Shape and Space
6) Moved Sequences to Algebra
7) Added another sub topic to Factorising and a mixed sub topic.
8) Added finding the gradient between 2 coordinates which can be negative or positive
9) Changed the "Finding the equation of a line between 2 coordinates" so that it also produces negative gradients.
10) Added finding the median from a stem and leaf diagram
11) Added multiplication/Division of standard form numbers









1) moved coordinates to the algebra section
2) changed series to sequences
3) changed the question text size in 2D shapes to fit correctly
4) A bug found in the estimating routine for numbers less that 0.1 has been fixed.
5) Added another topic to Coordinates.









1) Added the ability to be able to change the Timer value using the keyboard.
Double-click on the Timer value next to the slider - enter the value you want and press enter - you can also use the right and left buttons to slide the values up/down.
2) Made sure that the "Register Now" button on the splash screen works. Thanks to everyone who informed me of this omission.
3) Added a Shapes section to the Shape, Space and Measure category. There are 2 options - Name the 2D shapes drawn and Name the 2D shapes based on their properties.
4) Changed the display of the standard Form Questions so that the indices are displayed correctly instead of using the ^ character to denote the index. This is not feasible in the answers or the display of all questions when finished.
5) Fixed a little bug with standard form numbers < 1 being displayed wrongly i.e. 0.5x10^-3
6) Added a couple of indices topics to the Number category.
- Square and Cubic numbers
- Reciprocals and Fractional indices








ADDED - To the averages section:
1) mixture of mean, mode median and range questions
2) given the mean, what is the data value that is missing
3) Combined mean of 2 groups of data

ADDED - To the algebra section:
1) a substitution sub topic with 2 types of simple substitution at present
2) to the factorising section - factorizing quadratics with a coefficient of x^2 >1
3) to the rearrangement section - B x = C and Ax B = Cx D

ADDED = To the Number section:
1) a Trial and Improvement sub category with 3 types of cubics to solve to 1 dp.







Ten Quick Questions Pro - first release following the success of the freeware version.


This is the first version of the professional version available to everyone. The PRO version is considerably different to the freeware version in many ways. The interface has been redesigned to aid in further development and the addition of numerous new topics. Topics are now easily orgranised into attainment targets and further categorised in terms of difficulty.

A full list of topics included will be available here shortly.




released 8/3/2006



The current version which has just been uploaded contains:

1) A fix for the mixed rounding questions not displayed correctly after having added and estimating category to this section.

2) Simultaneous equations sub category of the algebra section.

3) Added text to the Area and Perimeter questions section.