Version History


















Added SxS.manifest files to the installation package to use Microsoft Side-by-side assembly technology. this technology allows the OCX files to be used without having to register them with the operating system. So far all test on XP, Win 7 and Win 8 machines have shown this to be an effective method for the use of these controls without registering them and hence use TPIM from a USB pen drive on a machine that has never had TPIM installed on it.



1) added a website field to the personal address book
2) fixed a few small bugs + hopefully fixed the crash on some systems when the daily planner is loaded and then immediately unloaded
3) added suport for dropbox location so that the dropbox path can be used on any PC even if the dropbox location is different. TPIM works very well with the database stored in your dropbox, you just have to remember to close TPIM before opening it on another computer otherwise you will get two copies of your database.
4) added a student photo display to the main class list double click because it was annoying not to be able to see a photo of the student whilst looking at the grade sheet.
5) Fixed the import of classes to use the newer xlsx excel format which wasn't working correctly and included csv files also.
6) Fixed a small bug with the default backup folder path not being created during setup
7) Fixed a bug with the display of the registration group in the timeline.







The BETA status from version 7 has now been removed. This update addresses the following:


1) The major change within this update is the Toolbar control used throughout the application. In all previous versions the Toolbars were always static and changing the window size could easily block out toolbar buttons which you would not know were there. The replacement Toolbar control is a lot cleaner and uses cheverons for resizing so that no matter what the window size all toolbar elements are now still visible.
2) Fixed a bug with adding weekly or fortnightly events in daily/weekly planning - previously all text was been added rather than just the selected text.
3) double click on Timeline title bar will rollup roll down.
4) Changed all Excel imports to open any version of excel file.
5) Fixed tooltip text (lesson time) for double lessons on Timeline
6) Fixed links from popup planner on timeline not using relational paths
7) Auto load Postit settings wasn't working in V7 and now is.
8) Because MyMaths changed their Assessment Manager interface such that direct access to a classes 'All Result' download is no longer possible I have had to change the way MyMaths results can be added to TPIM. To create and update MyMaths results within TPIM you now have to login to MyMaths and download the classes 'All Results' excel sheet then go to TPIM and select this file instead of the previous URL.

9) The ability to change the toolbar colours and fade styles within TPIM has been replaced with Themes. The Themes available are currently the same as the themes in Win XP and TPIM can be set to automatically detect which theme is being used if you are using Win XP. 








This update addresses the following improvements:


1) Fixed a bug with dragging files into the planning sheets as links not saving as relational paths
2) Fixed the method for multiple consecutive registration periods of more than 2 periods in a row
3) added a small fix to pasting a class list without tutor group details from the clipboard.
4) changed the border around the toolbar when minimized so that's its the same in all windows versions.
5) Fixed a small bug in the grade sheet statistics for variable type data
6) Added the option to simply copy and paste whole blocks of cells from Excell to TPIM grade sheet
7) Added the option to delete data in cells by pressing the delete key either for whole columns, selected cells or an individual cell. (note No prompt is given and no undo)


 For further information regarding this Beta version please see  TPIM 7 Technical Details


If you try this version whilst in Beta I would greatly appreciate some feedback






The latest Beta version of TPIM - Version  6.0.07 will continue to be available whist this  is in Beta


Version 7 - This is a rebuild of version 6 with all system registry dependencies removed. Due to many institutions implementing mandatory profiles on their networks or restricted profiles of some sort or another many problems were related the software not being able to save its settings or registration information in the users registry hive. In the case of mandatory profiles the settings could be saved but would be lost when the user logged off. Although this is not the fault of this software, especially since Microsoft recommend the use of system registry it did mean that in these circumstances a network manager had to be involved in the installation and deployment of this product.


The removal of these registry dependencies has effectively made the software self contained and installable by a normal user on the local computer, a network share or a removable drive such as a USB flash drive. All settings are now saved in files located in various locations depending on the installation type.


          For further information regarding this Beta version please see  TPIM 7 Technical Details


If you try this version whilst in Beta I would greatly appreciate some feedback








This update addresses the following improvements:


1) Changed the Daily/Weekly planning Toggle button so that its location is on the menu bar in the same place on each view. (user request)
2) Changed the size of the drop down class list so that the first 10 classes are shown before a scroll bar is used. (user request)
3) Added the display of consecutive lessons as a double lesson in Weekly Planning when this option is selected in the Planning Settings Panel.
4) Made some changes to the opening of the weekly planner so that the next available week should automatically be opened and if a class was been edited in the Daily Planner this class will automatically be highlighted in the weekly planner.
5) Added Password protection for the Incident Reports (user request)
6) Added a Student Files Tab to the Pupil Information panel so Add, Delete and Open links to external files for individual pupils. These links can also be links to URLs.
7) Fixed a couple of bugs with the statistics displayed in the Grade Details pane and saving a comment for different Grade sheets
8) Added an option in Grades to automatically generate a column for Mean Average of any number of other columns you select or just generate another column which sums the columns you select. (user request)
9) Changed the behaviour of dragged files from windows explorer into the planning sheets so that any dragged file is automatically just added as a File Link and can then be quickly opened. This can also be an explore folder or a URL (user request)
10) Fixed the Attendance recording in the Register so that it included the current day. (user notification)






This update addresses the following improvements:


1) Added a MyMaths grade sheet support with automatic refresh
2) rewrote the functions for creating a weekly and fortnightly event in daily planning
3) added email wizard for creating email addresses of pupils based on a predefined email address structure.
4) added ability to send emails to all visible or selected pupil from any part of the Register Grades and Class lists facility.
5) Added Explorer reload messaging in order to reapply the system tray icon when TPIM is minimized to the tray.
6) Added the ability in the Address book to import other csv files like a Google export csv file.





This update addresses the following improvements:


1) Added a drop down timetable for the week in the daily planning - just click on the Week number identification label of the daily plan (right hand side)
2) Changed the register entry so that when a character is entered for the register it autmatically jumps to the next pupil ready for data entry.
3) When setting up a new database there is now an option to import your lesson timings from the previous years database to save manually imputing the dates.
4) Added an option in the Setting Panel under Planning to show consecutive lessons as one double period. The first period of the double is used for this purpose and this is only shown in the Daily Planning and the timeline. There are future plans to implement this in the weekly planning also.
5) fixed a couple of bugs with display of STP when moving from weekly planning straight into the STP of daily planning.
6) fixed a bug with opening URL's from the User Menu item - you can now add references to online material such as google books to your user menu items
7) Removed some functionality for opening certain types of external files that is no longer required.
8) fixed the fact that the internal version number in 6/0/04 still said 6/0/02
9) Fixed a bug that only reared its ugle head when the register was used prior to the start of term and it had been set in the settings panel to show more than one previous lesson.
10) Fixed a bug in the display of the toolbar buttons which sometimes used the wrong gradient fill when a button was clicked.
11) As TPIM now stores all its data files in the Application Data folder which is normally hidden from a user I have included links in the start menu TPIM shortcuts folder (created by the setup program) and in the program itself under Folder Locations in the settings panel, under the File menu in the toolbar and in the startup wizard
Improved the refresh display of the timelines toolbar buttons which provide menu access.






Just a quick update on yesterdays version 6.0.03


1) it appears that in preparing yesterdays version 6.0.03 I inadvertently placed the Grade sheet selector behind another control and made it impossible to select other Grade Sheets oops sorry!

2) It also appears that the bug that caused the scheduled reminder to display more than once also wasn't fixed. I've hopefully done this now although it does mean that whilst one reminder is being displayed the timer event that fires the reminders has to be switched off and so no other reminders set for this time will be displayed. ie you can't have more than one reminder being displayed at any one time. I will do some more work this later.









This update addresses the following issues:


1) fixed a bug that caused the scheduled items to display twice on faster machines
2) Added Post-it menus to the main menu for showing hiding all post-its (Alt+P to show all, Alt+H to hide all)
3) added Ctrl+F2 to always bring the toolbar to the front from any other window in the application
4) Added a button to select a random pupil from the class in the Register/Grades and Class lists facility

5) Finally added the option to be able to change the Term Dates having already created the database. This option may be found under the tool menu and requires a complex manipulation of the database fields and tables so it is best not to use this feature unless you have to ie enter ALL the term dates correctly when first setting up the database.

6) in an attempt to make TPIM play nicer with Vista's security protection, TPIM now uses a folder in the users, Documents and  Settings , Application Data folder to store all its data files that the user can manipulate. The templates folder and backup folder will be set to this location by default also.

If you upgrade rather than doing a full installation and have not ever changed the location for backup files then your templates and backup files will automatically be transferred to this location when starting the program. You can always change these locations in the settings panel. Any new databases created will be saved in this folder by default.


Vista Users

Vista, by default, protects the Program Files folder from reading and writing files without administrator rights. Because of this it may mean that only administrators can install this product. once installed however there should now be no need to worry about creating and manipulating files in the program files directory. The only real problem may come when upgrading as this requires the main program file TPIM.exe to be overwritten. I will be working on this and other Vista security issues in the next upgrade. One alternative that has worked for systems that prevented the installation to  the program files folder was to change the installation folder to c:\TPIM but this is not really satisfactory.






The Beta status has been removed from this version and version 4 is no longer available.

To upgrade  please download this latest version and install it over the top of your current installation since the upgrade feature will not work correctly until this new version is installed.

. New in this version


1) The main context menu for the tray icon has been fixed so that when you click outside the menu it no longer stays open

2) The old help file for TPIM has been removed and replaced with a new up to date help file in chm format and suitable for use in Vista.

3)  Keyboard accelerators for all the main TPIM menu facilities are available from any facility ie so long as one of these facilities has focus the following keyboard accelerators will load the facility.


Keyboard Accelerator Loads the facility
Alt + D Daily Planning
Alt + W Weekly Planning
Alt + T Timetable
Alt + R Register / Grades / Class Lists
Alt + S Seating Plans
Alt + I incident Reporter
Alt + C Calendar of Events
Alt + O To do lists
Alt + E Scheduler
Alt + A Address Book


4) A new feature has been added to the Register/Grades/Class lists which allows you to Synchronize a class list from an excel sheet. You can find this feature by scrolling the "What would you like to do?" options when you first open the register / grades window. To find more information about this please read the help file.









The good news is that I have received no reports of major bugs with version 6 and most of the feedback has been very positive, please keep it coming. This will continue to be classed as BETA until I decide to remove version 4 all together and replace it with version 6. Here are the things that have changed since version 6 was first made available

1) I have finally fixed the alpha blending option for VISTA which means that if you use VISTA with TPIM you don't have to turn off the Alpha Blending option in TPIM's settings. Allowing the alpha blending makes the popup balloons standout more due to the shadow effect created. In my opinion they also look much nicer.
2) Fixed a bug in the Register/Grades/Class list that meant that when you first opened the facility if you chose to delete a pupil from the class list that first opened without selecting a class from the dropdown list the pupil would not be deleted correctly
3) Changed the small close/Roll Up/down buttons on the main window so that they react to mouse hovering. Also added a minimise to tray button which allows you to show TPIM as an icon in the tray. Double clicking the icon will restore the TPIM main window, right clicking on the icon will allow you to select from the main TPIM menu facilities to open without having the main TPIM open on screen.
4) Change the main TPIM menu to reflect the same order as the toolbar and added icons to make it nicer to look at :)
5) Made some changes to the sizing of the main windows when used in VISTA so that the timeline buttons are all correctly visible when viewed at its minimum height and the date is not obscured when it is Rolled Up.
6) In the Grades sheet - added an option to Paste cells from the clipboard. This can be used to quickly copy and paste a group of cells from one column in Excel to a single column in a grade sheet.
7) Added Menu accelerator Alt+X or Alt+F4 to close the main window, however it must have the focus when the keys are pressed. Also accelerators for each menu facility as indicated by the underlined letter in the menu + Alt
8) Fixed a few other very small bugs, can't quite remember all of these. One of them was if you opened the Daily Planning and then tried to Open the seating plan - TPIM could crash since it thought the Register window had been opened. If the register window had been opened previously this wouldn't happen.
9) Fixed a problem with the Schedule Events - if you schedule events for the day but didn't have TPIM running when these events took place then TPIM would display all these events the next time it was opened. This could be rather annoying and as such this no longer happens. If TPIM misses a daily/weekly/monthly event it simply resets itself to display the event the next time the allocated time is reached.







 Happy New Year


Until I can verify that this version has no MAJOR bugs it will stay in BETA and version 4.0.01 will continue to be available as the most stable version.


Version 6 has moved away from the the MDI (multiple document interface) running in full screen mode. It now utilizes a combined toolbar and time line window which takes up little screen space. All other facilities now open in their own separate windows. There will be more explanation of these features as this version develops and hopefully a rewrite of the help file in chm format for use in Vista.


If you test this version please provide feedback on pros and con or bugs you find.








GRADE entry BUG fixed : On some databases version 4.0.0 of TPIM would crash when a grade entry was selected. This was due to a null value being returned from the new field created in database. This major bug should now be fixed.








The biggest change in this version is the new functionality of the Timeline Facility.
The Timeline has been made to work outside of the main TPIM MDI (multiple document interface) This means that it can sit on the desktop whilst the main TPIM application is minimised. This allows quick reference to current days schedule of lessons with a pointer to the current time. Clicking on a lesson will display a Planning Preview with tabs for the various parts of a short term plan. The Links Tab displays any links to files or URLs you included in your planning and will allow you to select the link and open it from here.  Right clicking on any class will display a context menu option to Open either the Register or seating plan for this class. Right clicking on any empty area in the Time line will display your TPIM User Defined Menu links .(A menu of shortcut to files and URLS that dour design).  Clicking on the TPIM icon in the Title bar will Display options to open other various parts of TPIM. The address book has also been made to work outside of the MDI and will not maximise the main TPIM window when selected from the TimeLine. The EXIT TPIM option available on the Time Line menu enables you to close TPIM from the timeline and save its minimised position. TPIM's main window will remain minimised when opened again if it was minimised when this option was selected. There is also a mini arrow button on the right of the Title bar which allows the Time Line to be shrunk to just the Day and Date. This allows for even less obscurity of the desktop but with TPIMs option only a click away.

Other changes in this version are:

1) The import of an excel file for the Calendar of events would overwrite all other events. If the excel file contained two events for the same day only the latter event would be imported. This has now been corrected.

2) The import of a class list and full excel sheet into a grades sheet, only allowed for spreadsheets with the names of pupils separated into two columns (Surname/First name)
This has been changed to allow a spreadsheet with the name in one column (SIMS exports) to be imported. The function automatically splits the name based on the Surname/First name separator you specify.

3) Fixed the problem with importing data from a different sheet in an excel book. Even though the sheet was selected, data would only get extracted from the first sheet.

4) Removed the save button in the seating plan - seating plans should now automatically
save whenever a change is made to the desk arrangements.

5) When adding links to planning or other parts of the program and prompted to browse for a file, TPIM would automatically open the File Open Dialog in the folder set as the Open file folder in the File location settings panel of TPIM. This could be annoying if you wanted to add several files so now TPIM remembers the last folder that was used and opens subsequent Open File Dialogs in this folder. This is only for the current session. Subsequent sessions will default to the saved file locations foe opening files.

6) Added a lookup option to the grades sheet. When creating a new grades column you can now select one of two looup menus or create your own. This saves people using TPIM with a stylus from having to type in values. The two built in menus are A* - G and 1 - 5.

7) Added a Fill Down option to the grades column right click context menu.







This is just a small update from version 3.0 to hopefully fix some bugs a few people have reported. The following changes have been made:


1) Fixed some problems with the Show all file links list not scrolling or displaying correctly after an add or delete.
2) Added a drop upwards to the file links instead of dropping down so that it doesn't get obscured when the window is maximised
3) I did a lot of extra testing and error coding on the highlighter control - this should now work better - please report any errors you have when selecting the highlighter in this version.








1) Greatly improved the quality of a resized picture when capturing images in the Pupil Information.
This allows for images to be resized from SIMS with better quality results - (XP and above only)
2) Changed the Excel Import form so that the preview has a sheet selector which mean when importing data from excel you no longer have to make sure that the information you want is in the worksheets default sheet when opened.
3) Added the ability to be able to select your own templates when exporting from the incident reporter. This means that you can export to more than one template at any time without having to change the name of the default template.
4) Added the option to set the location of the Address Book database
5) Added the option to password protect the Address Book
6) Changed the close button in STP to a basic button in order to stop some problems.
7) Fixed the Calendar of Events for none UK academics years - hopefully this will solve problems that my Australian and New Zealand users have been experiencing.
8) Add week numbers and A/B weeks to title bar of Daily Plan so you can see what week you are in :)
9) Added options and a new template for the Export of multiple Short Term Plans to the daily planning. You can also create and choose your own template now. These templates use a single table per lesson per page in the document and use the custom document properties to define which the tables cell location for the information to be sent to. Bookmarks have been removed since with multiple pages in a document the bookmarks would not identify other pages. The normal STP daily planning template has also been changed to remove the text boxes and just used a fixed size table.
10) Added an option for the popup of homework details (if entered) when TPIM is minimised. At the moment you can only enter the number of minutes prior to the end of the lesson that you would like the popup to be shown.
Other settings will become available shortly like selecting a sound to coincide with the popup etc
11) Added MULTIPLE GRADE SHEETS option, note however that hiding columns in the default grade sheet is only temporary unless you select the save current layout option after hiding in which case the columns will stay hidden until you unhide them.
12) Added some Network support for synchronising databases when used on two or more computers. If you store your database on a wireless network drive use the option to prevent the computer from entering standby since this will prevent the disconnection to the database - These facilities are currently being tested with the idea of creating a centralised database store for incident reports on a network shared drive which will be available to Heads of Year or Heads of House and SLT.







1) Fixed a small bug with timetable of greater than 9 lessons per day being unable to display the Short Term Planning in the Daily Planning sheet for these lessons.
2) Added options in the General Settings - Planning section to be able to change the captions for 'Main Activity', 'Homework', 'Dinner Time', 'After School' and 'Notes'
3) Added a facility in the General Settings - File Locations section to show installed Word Export Templates. These templates can be opened in Word for editing by selecting the template and clicking Edit. Note it is important that the bookmarks within the templates are not changed otherwise the Export may not work correctly.
4) Fixed a small problem with the display of the drop down class list in Lesson Properties. Previously the list would not refresh any empty classes when moving from one day to the next.
5) Added a function to the incident form to allow incidents to be imported from another TPIM database (eg last years)
6) When renaming a grade column, entering the name and pressing Enter would crash the program - FIXED
7) If the lesson timings have not be entered or are not correct Loading the register when the seating plan is already loaded will now automatically show the class that is selected in the seating plan. The opposite effect was implemented several versions back. If the lesson timings have been allocated correctly loading the Register form or the Seating plan will now automatically select the class that is current for the time and date of the computer.
8) Added option to change the names of the periods. Default is 1,2,3 etc In this way a database for a 6 period day can be created with 7 periods to include lunch in the planning and then the periods can be renamed.
9) Added File Attachments to the Incident Reporter - Details Tab. These attachments will automatically get picked up when an incident report is created as a HTML Email for Outlook. On the Email Form the attachments may be removed or other attachments may be made.








1) Added option to turn off Alpha Blending in balloon messages to help with Windows VISTA operating that are using the Aero Glass desktop. These systems only seem to be able to use this function after a long wait (approx 3mins) NOTE this doesn't happen on VISTA installation that are not using the Aero Glass desktop.If you are using VISTA and are having freezing problems goto Veiw Menu - General Settings and select the View Setting then turn of the Alpha Blending.

2) Changed various control displays to better display on Vista operating systems
3) Removed the border from the weekly plan and added code to allow this facility to be used even when displaying up to about 50 lessons per week for a particular class. If all the lessons cannot fit into one window a scroll bar is used to view them.
4) Fixed the Tab Order in the Short Term Planning sections.
5) Changed the file link buttons in the planning sheets to icon buttons
6) Added a Time Marker to the daily plans to show at point you are within the lesson at a glance. This is only function if you have setup the lesson timings for your timetable.
7) Changed the icons within the Incident Reporter and the Address Book
8) Added the ability within the incident reporter to dump all incidents for a specific pupil to Excel
9) Added the ability within the incident reporter to Select the type of incident and have it shown by the icon. This allows for you to see both Positive and Negative incidents at a glance. Other Icons are also available for Determining types of incident easily.








1) Fixed gradient black band on the background of the main application.
2) Disallowed Character [,],\, and ^ from being used as part of a Classcode
3) Finally managed to prevent the double click on the Main forms title bar from restoring down the application. It is meant to run in full screen mode (maximised) at all times (or minised)
4) Fixed a bug in the Timetable which meant that Room Numbers weren't saved correctly on a two week timetable.
5) Added a scrollbar and formatting button bar to each post-it note for easier formatting of text within the post-it
6) Add a 'To Do List' facility - multiple Categories and links to Scheduled Reminders form.
7) Changed the appearance and some functions of the Schedule Reminder Facility
8) Added Rich Text formatting to the Reminder Window
8) Reorganised the Main Tool button bar - grouped items of a similar nature.
9) Added a Rotate 180 degrees function to the seating plans so its easier to show the plan on an Interactive White Board
10) Added functionality to the lesson Timings such that it now displays the lessons for the current days timetable rather than Lesson 1,2,3 etc. Obviously this will only be seen if a lesson plan can be found for the current day (based on the computers internal calendar)

11) Added a Group facility to the Address Book so that emails can be sent to specific groups of people simply and easily.

12) Added an Outlook Email facility to the Incident Reports so that incident reports can be emailed in HTML format to anyone (or Group) in the address book. By default this sends the email automatically without seeing it but to do so requires that Outlook is setup with an emailing account on the computer. 








1) the Toolbars are now gradient filled although you can turn this off in the settings if you prefer. The gradient colours may be changed from the default in the settings panel.
2) The toolbar buttons now work better, there is no delay in waiting for the tooltip before you can click on a button.
3) The main applications background gradient function has been rewritten for more optimal performance when rendering.
4) In the register/grades/class lists 'What would you like to do today' options - the option to 'Edit a classes Timetable' has been added. This allows you to change the timetable for a specific class if your timetable changes during the year. This function requires considerable manipulation of the database and the regeneration of the register from the date selected.
5) The option to 'Archive a Class' has also been added to the 'What would you like to do today' options of the register/grades/class lists facility.
6) In the timetable - changes are now saved automatically however the save button on the menu is the only way to save changes made in the timetable to the Daily Planning sheet. The icon and tooltip has been changed to reflect this change. Changes made to none teaching periods are also changed in the planning but any colours selected for these periods are not displayed.
7) In the Calendar of Events there is now a Daily Time plan and a Working Week Time plan ie 1 day and 5 days similar to outlook
8) In the timetable there is now the option to reverse the timetable and have Horizonal Periods instead of Vertical ones. The export to word for this however still only exports in the default format at present.
9) Fixed a bug with creating a seating plan for the first class in the list of classes.
10) Added the ability to create a database for up to 12 periods instead of the current 9 periods per day. I should now be able to extend this even further if required. This has meant that the template has had to be changed since exporting a daily plan for more than 9 periods required a larger table in the template. The template should be replaced automatically in the upgrade process.
11) Changed the layout (a little) for the Daily plan so that not so much space is wasted at the top and bottom of the page. In this way Users who have a large number of Periods per day will have a little more space to see their daily planning entries in.
12) Added a TIme Line facility based on the timings you enter in the Timetable Settings Panel. I'm not sure what I want to do with this Time Line facility as yet so any suggestions would be good.






Bug Fixed

In the last upgrade, the changes made to allow class codes in the timetable to be reflected in the daily planning sheet had a detrimental effect on many other functions throughout the program. If a change was made to the caption of a class on the timetable it would show up on th eplanning but things like the weekly plan, history viewer, word exports, planning imports etc would stop working. I have had to make considerable changes to get these working again and leave the ability to change the class captions in the planning sheet via the timetable. If you come accross something that doesn't work as it did before you changed a class caption in the timetable please let me know. 








1) When selecting a filelink the name of the link is automatically populated with the selected files name.
2) added keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic and underline - Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I ctrl+U respectively to edit boxes that have a formatting toolbar.
3) In the grades sheet - the sort/query panel now also contains a Detail Tab for setting extra options for each grade column. The extra options include a Due date, a Set Date, a linked File and a Comment. This is also where the average for the column data is shown.
4) When the register/grades form is already open and the seating plan is selected the seating plan will now attempt to automatically load the same
class and highlight the same pupil as is currently selected in the register/grades form.
5) When the classcode displayed in the timetable is changed and saved then this should now show up in the planning sheets as well. Changes can only be made in the timetable and editing the classcode in the daily planning sheet has now been disabled.
6) a bug which caused the sofware to crash when exporting a cover sheet of a class that has no pupils entered into it has now been fixed.
7) Keycodes used in the class register can now be set to any colour font. This should allow the register and trends to be more easily seen. Simply go to Settings - Register/Grades and then click on a Register key code to see the option to change it's colour.
8) As requested by someone a while back - In the register/grades/class list form you can now scroll through the "select a class" dropdown using the up/down keys as long as it has the focus. The tab key swaps the focus between the select a class dropdown and the pupil class list.








1) If you add room numbers to the timetable then they will also appear in the daily planning under the period number.
2) The display of the month icon in the calendar of events facility has been fixed
3) Added the option to schedule items every Fortnight and every month as well as daily and weekly items.
4) Added the option to schedule a file or program to be opened.
5) Added mean averages to the grades Stats display tab.
6) Fixed the problem below.


The webupdate program now included within the software has also been changed and after installing or upgrading please check to see that you now have ver of the file WebUpdt.exe

NOTE There was a serious problem with any fresh installation of version 2.0.00 and 2.0.01

This problem manifested itself in such as way that any function that involved the Microsoft Data Control would crash the program. Only users that had not already installed a version of TPIM lower than 1.6.08 were affected. The reason for this problem was a missing dll file which was thought not to be needed now that the grid control has been updated. Unfortunately, the data control also requires this file and it has taken a considerable amount of time and effort to track this down, due to the lack of support available for the intrinsic VB6 controls.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused to any individuals. Should you still have this problem it is recommended that you download the latest version and install over the top of your current version. Alternatively you can find a link to downloading the missing file in the FAQ.








1) added the option to export lesson resources for a time period rather than a select class (science teachers)
2) added the ability to display the last used tab in the short term plan automatically
3) removed an error message with the grade colour selector when moving a column
4) replaced the Toolbar throughout the software - shouldn't notice much difference but it should work better - (gradient highlighted buttons - option to change toolbar colour) - all toolbars are now the same size
5) Changed the colour of the text for highlighted cells in the Register/grades grid so that its easier to read when highlighted.
6) Changed the colour of the inactive tab text in the settings panel so they are easier to read.
7) Bug fixed when deleting a class that has more than one seating plan attached to it. This bug also effected the correct functioning of the Archive facility.








This is a major update and requires a reinstall of the application. Existing users can install over the top of the current version without a problem, just download, extract and install.

1) The grid control used in the register and grades has been replaced by another grid control that provides more flexability. So far using this grid I have added
a) colours to the even rows for better definition which may be changed in the settings panel
b) any cell in the register that contains a lesson note should display a small red tag in the corner of the cell.
c) the ability to select a cell or group of cells and set the background colour in the grades sheet
d) the ability to select a group of cells and copy the data to the clipboard
e) better splitting of the key/Notes panel in the register when resizing.

2)The settings panel now contains a place to add a Proxy Server address and port ID used. By adding your schools proxy server settings, you can check for internet upgrades and upgrade from school. This will not effect your ability to upgrade when at home because the program automatically detects if a proxy server is being used to connect to the internet.

3) The internet upgrade facility has been changed again to adapt better to future changes. Upgrading via the built in upgrade facility prior to this version will either download and install a single file upgrade without having to reboot or when required download a special setup file and run a reinstallation without having to reboot.







1) Item 9 of ver 1.6.7 caused a bug in adding a new class from the Register/Grades/Class Lists facility. This only affected  databases that contained a single (not biweekly) timetable - this has now been fixed.








1) fixed a bug with the scheduler - clicking on edit or delete when there were no scheduled tasks would crash the program.
2) Fixed a small bug with adding a scheduled homework in the daily plan and then swapping to the weekly plan would cause the item to be displayed in other homework fields that should not contain this item.
3) Added the options to schedule weekly/fortnightly items to the context menu of the weekly plan
4) Added the option to see more of the individual sections in the Short Term Plan Tabs. Just click on any of the box captions for Starter, Main Activity, Homework, Plenary etc to expand the box. Click again to restore the box size.
5) You can now move directly from a weekly plan view of a lesson to the Short Term Planning for this lesson by using the toolbar button in the Weekly View or double clicking on the Title of the lesson.
6) Added a context menu to the right-click of the Lesson Title in the weekly plan so that it matches the context menu of the Daily Plan.
7) Added the text highlighter to the weekly planning view.
8) Under certain types of database corruption - TPIM would simply crash when trying to open the database. TPIM now prompts you about the database corruption and remains available for use. For more info on the type of corruption see
9) Fixed a bug with adding a new class not displaying in the correct week of a dual timetable if the Week allocations had previously been used to change the some weeks from week A to B or visa versa.








1) Made all imports and exports to excel Late Binding. This means there should no longer be any office version specific bug when exporting/importing to excel.
2) Made some small changes to the import functions for a class list from another TPIM database. (There was a bug when a notes category had been added to the class that was being imported)
3) Rewrote the function which imports the calendar of events from another TPIM datbase - (wasn't working very well)
4) Added an option to completely clear all entries from the COEs
5) Hopefully fixed a little bug in the Register Notes section.








1) Fixed a bug that stopped the paste lesson plan from becoming available when a lesson plan had been copied.
2) Changed the export to MS Word for the daily planning sheet so that it now uses the Word template ( TPIM will prompt to download this if it doesn't exist in the Templates folder.
3) Added an option in the Resources Section of the Lesson Plan to export the resources outlined to MS Word for multiple lessons.







Nothing special in this upgrade - just added a bit of extra error coding and corrected a few visibility problems caused by changes made in the previous 2 versions.








1) Fixed a problem with adding a Pupil ID number/code to the Pupil Information panel
2) Added the ability to import other field information when importing a class list from Excel.
If you have any of the following Column Titles in the class list Excel Sheet when you import the class list. TPIM will now add this information to the database. Column Titles are the same as the database field names:
      Sex, Address1, Address2, Address3, PostCode, Tel1, Tel2, Email, PID, Notes

Note - TPIM checks Row 1 titles for these names and stops checking for titles when if finds a Column with no title so don't use any empty columns between you data.








1) Added Excel Import and Export functions to the Calendar of events.
2) Integrated MSWord spell checks into the incident reporter and pupil notes categories.
3) Added a reset default positions button to the startup tab of the general settings page - hopefully this may help remove an intermittent error message when opening TPIM if one of the facilities has faulty registry position settings.


Note - If you are using version 1.6.1 you should now be able to use the built-in upgrade facility to upgrade to this version 1.6.2.







1) Added a Wizard which splits the pupil names from one column of an Excel spreadsheet into two columns (Surname and firstname) This was added primarily to help with acquiring data from SIMS.NET (NOVA-T) in a format suitable for import into TPIM.
2) Fixed a bug with adding file links in the weekly planning view which cause the software to shutdown.
3) Added a section in the short term lesson plan for Resources used in the lesson.
4) Fixed the import into COE from outlook so that only events entered for the current academic year will be imported.
5) Added a bulk class email option to the pupil information sheet. Holding the control key down whilst clicking the email button to any pupil will add any other pupil email addresses in this class to the Blind Carbon Copy field.
6) There are several routines within the software that allow the import of data from another TPIM database or archive database. If these databases were password protected these routines would crash the program. This has now been fixed and will prompt for the database password before importing.
7) Added a IMPORT PLANNING WIZARD in order to be able to import one or more lesson plans from another TPIM database. In this way lesson plans can be shared or a set of lessons for a specific class can be archived as a SOW or POS.
8) Added an option to be able to send the selected Month of the Calendar of Events to MS Word. The word template is required in the templates folder which you will be prompted to download if you upgrade and doesn't have this file.


Please NOTE:

There was an error in the changes made to the built in upgrade feature in ver 1.6.0. As a result of this it is not possible to upgrade to ver 1.6.1 using this feature. Please download the whole program and install over the current installation.






1) added a better registration routine which doesn't require registry information and will work better with school network logins. (This may require that you re-enter your registration code after upgrading depending on your current version)
2) Added template facility for exporting a cover sheet to word.
3) Added a category for the notes made in the register panel for each pupil per lesson to be viewed in the Note Categories Section added in version 1.5.002. This category will always be available and cannot be deleted. It collates all the notes that you make in the register notes panel and allows you to see them all in one go without having to export.
4) With the new notes category - added an Export to Word button on the toolbar which uses the templates for register notes and for any of the other categories that you add. Category notes are exported for the whole class into a table in the word document.
5) Changed the built in internet upgrade facility to help users to upgrade from within the application and provide more upgrade flexibility in the future.
6) When exporting a coversheet the register will now be sorted in alphabetical order via surname as apposed to the order in which the names are stored in the database.
7) Added a summary tab to the Pupil Information panel which gives attendance figures, lesson notes, incidents etc for the selected pupil.








1) fixed a couple of bugs with the Incident Reporter which was not saving the correct details for the first incident entered if another incident was created immediately afterwards.
2) fixed the calendar control display - which wasn't showing the selected date as highlighted
3) Added Copy/Paste Plan options to the right-click menu of the daily planning period. This allows you to select a lesson that you have already planned for and copy it then paste it into another lesson. All the short term plan information is copied together with any file links for the planning. Pasting a lesson plan will remove any information already entered into the plan prior to pasting.

4) Added the ability to resize the Post-it notes and set their Title Captions independently of each other.




1) Changed the main icon for the whole program.

2) Fixed a bug when toggling to weekly view whilst the STP is open.

3) Added option to Turn off the pupil notes per lesson in the register panel (troubleshooting)

4) Changed the notes section in pupil information to 'other information' which may contain more than 255 characters however this will only be seen when a new class is created or if the database field 'Notes' in a Class_ table is changed from Text to Memo manually in access.

5) Completely changed the NOTES section so that you can now add Note Categories which can contain 1.2Gb of information per pupil. (Ideal for keeping a copy of annual reports)

6) Rewritten many parts of the help file which can be downloaded separately here

7) Added the 'TO' and 'CC' bookmarks missing in the  (incident report template)

8) Added error coding support for bad installations or if registry information is missing.

9) Added warning message when there is less than 5 days remaining of trial period.

10) Fixed a bug with the uploaded version 1.5.01


Thanks to those of you who have reported errors and made suggestions for future upgrades, I will continue to work on those that are viable but not already implemented.



1) There have been many small (minor) bug fixes since version 1.4.03 however the major change in this version is the new look! most icons have been changed to softer looking icons (24 bit instead of the old 16 bit). Gradient fills have been added to labels and Titles.

See the changes here
2) The Schedule Reminder facility has had a complete rewrite and now allows reminders to be sound only + will allow the reminder to be set every day or every week.




1) Fixed a bug with saving of data in the short term plan when the window is closed without first reverting to the normal daily plan view.

2) Made some changes to the Backup Database function to hopefully help reduce the possibility of corrupting a database when compacting and backing up, especially when using the database on a USB or external drive.

3) Added the Backup option to Backup the database without compacting which basically justs copies the current database to the backup folder which is set in the general settings.

4) Changes the progress meter to a more XP style progress bar.



1) Added an option to use URL's as Links in the planning sheets.

2) Removed the ability to use quotation mark when imputing data that is used in an SQL statement as it causes problems.

3) Restructured the User Menu to make it easier to create your own user menu with Folder items and URLs.

4) Fixed a bug in the setup program for Windows 98 operating systems.

5) Fixed a bug in the setup wizard.

6) Tested the install and program functionality on Windows 98 with (DAO 3.5).




1) added a link from the daily planning to the register for easy access
2) Changed the Shuffle desks function in seating plan so that desks that were not arranged in a uniform manner do not get all swapped around.
3) Added the ability to create multiple seating plans for individual classes for those that do not teach a class in the same room all the time.
4) Changed the export register to excel function to reflect the new international term blocks instead of just the UK autumn, spring and summer.




Further to the fix in version 1.3.19 : Amended the term dates to reflect any number of terms starting and ending at any points within a year. 4 Terms for Australian teachers can now be used and the calendar of events will reflect academic year Jan - Dec. The 'Term' descriptions in the short term plan have been changed to Term (1), Term (2) etc as apposed to the UK autumn, spring and summer.




This version fixes a major bug in the database creation on systems not using the English(UK) regional and language settings which do not have the system shortdate format dd/mm/yyyy . I hope that this is now fixed and I have ammended the code to reflect the users regional settings such that the Days and Months will be displayed in the users language.



This version has only one bug fixed however this is an important update. The bug in question is only related to classes that are taught in Week B of a dual timetable. If a class was created using the 'Add New Class' wizard in a dual timetable it is possible that certain register dates would be omitted. In the extreme case no register table would be created. This would not happen if the class was created during the initial database setup. This update is very important for all teachers that are undertaking a dual timetable and may need to delete a class and add a new class throughout the year.



1) Changed the serial generation code again to make it more robust.

This will mean that if you are a registered user and reinstall the product from fresh your 

registration information will not work. Please request a new registration serial in this

situation. Upgrading via the internet will not effect any currently registered products.

2) Fixed a bug with the new template for seating plans which cause the application to crash if there was a class that had no pupils attached to it.
3) Fixed a bug with the register creation for classes that were entered for more than 250 lessons per academic year. This is not allowed at it reaches the maximum number of fields in an access database. The work around is to seperate the class into 2 classes say one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
4) Fixed the incorrect text description on the general settings tab for security and passwords.
5) Fixed a problem in the setup file with respect to registering a dll file that didn't need registering.
6) Made an attempt to fix registration information from being destroyed from the registry when logging on to a network that provided mandatory profiles. The effectiveness of this attempt will depend on the users privileges and may need the administrator to install and register the program.


1) fixed a few bugs in the address book and added the facility to add a bit of
information to the front page of the address book. just double click under the big @ picture!
2) Added a pupil information pane to the register for storing notes on pupils per lesson. Can be resized according to the screen size.
3) Added the ability to import whole Excel sheets of data into the grades section of a class for easier data input.
4) Added to ability to import all grade entries from another (last years) TPIM database in one go so that you can keep information on a class together.
5) Added multiline and memo (1.2 Gb of data) fields to grades and notes section.
6) Added Adjustable row heights for Grades and Notes section.
7) Changed the 'Check for Internet Upgrade' to search the new web site for upgrades available.
8) Added ability to create a seating plan and then use the layout of this plan with other classes, although this relies on the original plan that you are copying from having enough desks to locate each pupil of the new class.


1) Added support for 9 periods per day as requested by one user
Fixed a bug with the automatic internet upgrade on startup if no internet connection was available.


1) If you have imported pupil pictures into TPIM for a class you can now see the pictures whilst doing the register if the option to show them is turned on in settings.
2) added a new option for picture import of whole class from single picture bmp files based on filenames entered into a grades column. More information will be available on this shortly via a FAQ
3) corrected a couple of bugs in the Incident Reporter
4) added a word template for exporting Incidents from TPIM to Word. TPIM will prompt to automatically download the template if it doesn't exist in the templates folder. The template can be downloaded manually but must be placed in the c:\.....\TPIM\Templates folder for this to work. Download from :
Using a template for the Incident report allow users to customize the way their incident reports look.
5) New look TABS !! let me know what you think!


1) changed General Settings form so as to be able to add more settings easily.
2) Improved the backup facility so that the last five backups are made when backing up.
3) Imporved the incident reporter and added Tutor and Teacher name to exported word documents.
4) Fixed a problem with multiple classes in one day not gererating more than one register when creating a new class.
5) Import Outlook Notes as TPIM post-its
6) Added a Basic Address Book with options to import from outlook and outlook express.

1) Due to the added support for more than 3 terms a bug crept in with systems that were not using the system short date format dd/mm/yy. This bug prevented the database from being created correctly and an Error : 0 would occur.This should now be fixed for all system date formats.
1) added error coding to the incident reporter
fixed a problem with removing the password
added the full manipulation of Users shortcut menu so that shortcuts can be categorized.
Changed the user interface of the incident reporter
Added support for creating more than 3 Terms per acedemic year.
1) Fixed bug for use of the colon character in field names, this is not allowed and is now not possible.
2) Added the ability to see more than one previous registration when opening the register, as requested by user.
3) Added a shuffle button in the seating plan to randomly shuffle around the desks.
4) Added the ability to search for pupils that are taught when creating an incident.
5) Added an Archive facility to archive individual classes to their own database.
1) When the database is created in the first place, all weeks throughout the term are designated 'A' and 'B' consecutively. In some institutions that run a dual timetable the last week in a term may possibly be the same as the first week of the next term and as such makes the planning and registers for classes unusable in the second term. In this version a "Change Week Allocations Wizard" has been added so that all weeks from a designated date will be changed to the opposite week. Using this you can change the week allocations from a certain date without effecting any data input up to this date

1) The web upgrade facility had stopped working due to continuing problems accessing the home page on the lycos server.
The location of the upgrade files was changed to AOL and this version now accesses upgrades from the AOL server which is more reliable.
2) A new "Incident Report" facility has been added for the purposes of keeping track of incidents related to individual pupils:
(if you use this facility and would like to offer ways to improve it please don't hessitate to contact me: "Incident Report Suggestions")

1.3.6 1) Added error coding to the timetable facility : (please report any error messages recieved.)
2) Added a multiline facility to the COE window, which allows you to record multiple events per day.
3) Added the option to import MS Outlook calendar events into the COE window.
4) Add automatic vertical scroll bars to all planning sheets.
5) Lesson properties – drop down list for subjects. now remembers last subject added.
1.3.5 1) Fixed a bug associated with the opening of the TIMETABLE after Ver 1.3.4 upgrade.


1.3.4 1) Scheduled message would crash application if a modal form was displayed at the same time.
2) Any menu item with a picture cannot have an access keys aswell. Access keys were removed for these items.
3) Room Allocations can now be added to the timetable information
4) The timetable will automatically open the currently used week A or B on a biweekly timetable.
5) Entering the name for grades column would not allow upper case E
6) Support for opening interwrite GWB files in interactive mode via the file links & shortcuts.
1.3.3 1) Invalid fieldname characters can no longer be entered into the Classcode
2) Up to 6 characters can now be used for the classcodes as opposed to 4 previously
3) Seating plan bitmaps were not saving correctly. Can now be exported to word ready for printing.
4) Creating a database with the same name as one that already existed caused an error.