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The Letters Game    (Freeware)

This program was designed to be used in a classroom via a projector and hence works well in full screen mode but can be resized (Suitable for resolutions of 800x600 upwards) . The game emulates the UK Chanel 4 Countdown (TV show) letters game whereby you can choose 9 letters (vowels/consonants) to be used by the contestants to make the longest word within the time limit. The letters are chosen from a pack of cards for vowels and consonants. The frequency distribution of the letters in the packs are given in the settings panel and can be adjusted as required. The music will only be heard in the last 30 seconds. When the timer is finished the program displays the option to find as many solutions as it can from its own dictionary of roughly 70,000 words. Double clicking a word found will display the dictionary which can be added to when a definition or word doesn't exist. You can also create your own word list (separate to the dictionary) from the built in word list creator. Prior to checking the word in the dictionary you can get the contestants to spell the word they have made in the bottom row by selecting the letters for their word. A validate button will then tell you if their word exists in either the word list or the dictionary. By default all words in the word list file also exist in the dictionary file.                                                               



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Self extracting installation file will place the exe file in its own folder and create a start menu shortcut. WordsGame.exe (5.66Mb)