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 Dartboard Maths! 





Dartboard Maths is a software package that allows one to four players to play darts and practice their mathematics at the same time. There are 3 games at the moment, 3 Dart Checkout - each player is required to acquire the randomly generated target score using all 3 darts making sure the last dart is a double or bulls eye. The traditional games of 301 and 501 are also included and can be set to make the player enter their own remaining score in order to acquire their score. There are 5 difficulty levels which shake the mouse around to make it harder to hit the number you want. There are 180 sound files incorporated so that all scores may be verbalized if required.  (Thanks to Bruce Spendley for his downloaded sound files which I manipulated to suit my needs for this program).

The Dartboard uses the default traditional colours but you may change any of the colours and background to suit your own needs.


                                                                 More information and screen shot....


  ( 2185 kb)