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Report Writer - Comment Bank





If you use Microsoft Word or Excel (or even Open Office) to write reports, with or without a template or you use Microsoft Outlook to write standard email replies then this application could save you considerable time and effort. You can create standard statements or comments and group them into specific sections for easy (one click) retrieval. Create separate databases of statement for different purposes and load them on the fly.

How does it work?
This is a simple COM Add-in application for Microsoft Office 32 Bit ONLY up to and including Office 365 or any other 32 Bit software that provides a scripting language. When installed the application creates a Toolbar to launch the Comment Bank interface (you can see various screenshots here). The interface allows you to create statements from a selection of comments in a database. The Databases are of the Microsoft Access format and may be opened and edited whilst the application is being used.


When a statement has been created and applied the statement is in:


MS WORD, automatically transferred to the current cursor location of the active Word Document. This also works with Word Form Fields in a protected document. The second button in the Toolbar allows you to select a portion of text in the word document and have it automatically added to your current Comment Bank statements for editing. 


MS EXCEL, automatically transferred to the currently selected cell/merged cells or you can specify in the Excel options which column that statement should always be transferred to. Other options exist and have been specifically designed to help with writing reports in formatted Excel documents exported from SIMS (Schools Information management system) see screenshot


MS OUTLOOK, automatically transferred to the beginning of the body of a reply email. The reply email will be a reply to the email currently selected before the Comment Bank toolbar button was clicked. Options exist to select that this reply email is visible for further editing or is simply automatically sent to the original sender. see screenshot


Macro Script (eg VBA),

manipulated and transferred to wherever the scripting code wishes. What is done with the statement selected in the Comment Bank will be down to the code following the launch of the Comment Bank.

Several examples of using VBA macro code to launch the comment bank from Outlook, Open Office, and Access are given in the help file. Instructions for manual integration into another Access Database are also provided together with the module that needs to be added and a demonstration database.

See a PowerPoint Presentation of the Report Writer - Comment Bank (thanks to Dave McCartney)


Upload/Download databases in the repository ( 830 Kb)   

Self extracting installation file:  CBank.exe (1252 Kb)