Resource Booking Sheet


The Resource Booking software is a multi user database application designed to allow small institutions and departmentss to setup resources (rooms, equipment etc) which have to be booked out for use. One or more people act as administrators for the database and can access user settings, restrictions and block booking. All other users are required to login. A Guest account can be enabled or disabled. Resources and booking periods for the resources can only be accessed by the administrator.


The default Administrator password when first installed is : admin


The Access database is password protected with an encryption of the drive serial number that the database is located on. The database can be located anywhere on a network that the frontend program can access however if the database is moved to a different drive you must first use the admin tools to remove the password otherwise it will not be accessible. The database is automatically protected again when a user first logs on if no password is detected. With a site license the program and database can be located on a network share, mapped drive and hence easily accessed by anyone who can access this drive.


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Self extracting installation - RBK.exe (1,138 kb)