Version History







Added SxS.manifest files to the installation package to use Microsoft Side-by-side assembly technology. this technology allows the OCX files to be used without having to register them with the operating system. So far all test on XP, Win 7 and Win 8 machines have shown this to be an effective method for the use of these controls without registering them and hence use MCQC from a USB pen drive on a machine that has never had TPIM installed on it. There are no more system registry settings and hence both the quiz program and the editor program are effectively 'stand-alone'.


1) Removed the ability to be able to change the size of text in the editor for different paragraphs or words in a question or answer box. Changing the size of the text for a highlighted selection, changes the size of all the text in the whole textbox. This is to allow for better display of the text in the Quiz program which will now automatically resize the text for each question and answer based on how much of it there is and the display size available to the software.


2)  when used on a system with a screen resolution greater or equal to 1024 x 768 the software will no longer attempt to change the screen display size, it just resizes itself to fit the screen keeping the controls in proportion to each other.


3) added the ability to be able to format characters / words with a highlighter in order to stand out even further in the question or answers.


4)   Replaced the menu item to insert - equation editor (which was never available anyway) with FX Equation 4 as this equation editor allows you to change the colour of the font used whereas the microsoft equation editor could not be changed from a black colour font which meant that it could not be seen on screen after it was embedded.


5) Added the ability to make the whole quiz program look/feel and sound like the classic version. Start the quiz program and select 'Options' menu then 'Settings'. On the general tab select to load settings from a disk file and then choose the classic settings file. Move to the Sound tab, enable all sound if it is disabled, then select the 'Classic' theme.








No changes to the MCQ Player have been made. The following are all changes to the MCQ Editor:


1) Added option to import questions and answers from a pre formatted text file. A text file of English GCSE questions is included so as to be able to see the format. This feature is only available in a registered copy of the editor.


2) Added an option to search and remove any empty questions in a quiz file. Obviously if there is only 1 question in a category which is an empty question it will not remove this question.


3) Added a right-click menu to the answers box which allows formatting of the text in ALL the answers in one go. Formatting included Font Size, Bold , Italic and Colour.


I've also added 3 more quizzes to the file repository - Biology, Physics and English









1) Added the ability to load and save display settings to disk files (*.set files) Several settings files are included in the download or you can make your own to easily load your desired display any time you like.


2) Changed the multiplayer mode again so that when you select an answer if it is wrong it doesn't display the correct answer, it just prompts you to continue and have another go util you get it correct. In this way I could ask pupils to stand up and put up their hand if they thought A was correct then I'd click on A and if it was incorrect, those with their hands up would have to sit down, I could then continue to B. This seems to work much better as a whole class activity.









Just a small bug fix with displaying the full set of answers at the end when using the Timer Mode. Depending on the size of font in the last question all the answers were sometimes not visible.







A few small bugs fixed and a check to see if the built in Upgrade Feature in MCQ Editor is working correctly - bugs fixed


1) When in timer mode - closing the timer to return to normal mode during a quiz caused the timer to continue but not be displayed.

2) Icon not displayed in password form

3) Editor cause error message when creating new file due to missing field.









This is the first release of MCQC - Multiple Choice Quiz Creator