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Word Search Creator  Pro                          (Donation Nag ware - Register now)       


This program allows you to quickly and easily create wordsearch documents in MS Word for editing and printing. Type in the words that you want to be included in the wordsearch, select the size of the grid and pattern to use and enter a title for the wordsearch. Generate the Wordsearch and export to MSWord or save for editing later. Options include:


  • Choose grid colours, background colours and font options.
  • Load/Save a Pattern or design your own.
  • Enter a "Banned words" list and remove any banned words after generating.
  • Use Welsh phonetics.
  • Select lower case or upper case letters.
  • Send word search picture and word list to clipboard.
  • Choose the directions to use for the hidden words.
  • Export as Picture or Table to MS Word

This software is nagware and as such will popup a nag screen every so often until it is registered. Registration requires a small donation.                                                                                      

                  More information and screen shots ...        

Upload/Download patterns in the repository

No setup (just extract to a folder)

(540 kb) 


Self extracting installation file (creates shortcuts on start menu):  WDSchPro.exe

(1092 kb) 


WORDsearch FREEWARE Version NOTE :     Although still available this product in no longer being upgraded or supported and as such has been superseded by WORDsearch Creator Pro