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VBA Projects

Copyright 2001-2008, Chris Farmer, All Rights Reserved


(all VBA projects are FREE  some are unprotected open source)













MS Word - Report Generator  - (fully customisable word template)


Creates a whole document in MS Word with a report page for every pupil in the class. It does this by importing the pupil names and whatever other data you want entered from an excel sheet. After this creation the software enables you to write comments and select targets for each pupil in turn without having to scroll from page to page. It has auto inclusion of the pupils name when using the Reports Wizard and the option to create your own set of Targets for selection within the wizard. For those of you that use my report writer – comment bank there is a button in the Wizard to activate it.


Other aspects include a utility for scrolling automatically to any selected pupils report from a drop down list, provides a utility to add and remove reports if the imported data is not up to date. Provides a facility to copy reports from another pupils and changes the name automatically (be careful with he's and she's. Provides a facility to enter a statement either before or after all ‘Teachers comments’. (ie a course description)


  Open/Download the Manual










MS Powerpoint - Ten Quick Questions Timer


This project was patched together rather quickly for someone that wanted to be able to have a timer for their PowerPoint slides so that they could create their own "Ten Quick Questions".


Once the timer is started, every time the timer reaches zero the next slide is displayed until the last slide has been displayed.


Unfortunately when the timer is running any slide animations will not be seen. I may look into providing a better solution for this if the demand is worth it.


Download Timer.ppt









MS Excel - Calculating Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient


This is just a spreadsheet with some VBA code to calculate Spearman's Rank from the Data variables that you paste into it. Simply paste in your data and click the button to see the calculations take place.


Download Spearmans Rank.xls