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Other Utilities

Copyright ©2001-2008, Chris Farmer, All Rights Reserved

Here you will find some other (small) utility programs and tools that have been developed for specific reasons. In many cases these software packages have a much wider application than that which they were created for. If you use any of these applications on a regular basis for a specific purpose other than that which they were designed for please let me know so that I can include this usage in the the software description.  All these software packages are FREE and do not require any form of registration however you are expressly forbidden from selling or otherwise distributing these packages without prior consent.

Disclaimer       If you choose to use any of this software you do so at your own risk!

I do not guarantee that this software is free from bugs and cannot be held responsible for any problems you have in using it. Having said this I would like to know of any problems you have and I am willing to help you try to solve these problems to the best of my ability. Please remember as with all ICT you should save your work on a regular basis and always make a backup.


Word Document Merger - (Freeware)
Originally this was part of a bigger project designed for a school that used a single word document for every subject report. The project collated the files based on the file name and merged the individual pupil reports into a single document for each pupil for printing.


 Because it has become apparent that other schools may also issue a teacher with up to 30 word documents to be filled out I have provided the document merging facility to help save time and effort by simply merging all files into one document based on the format of the first document in the list. 


Its very simple to use, first select where you have stored most of your documents for merging and then select search. Tick each of the documents you want to be merged and manipulated the order of the documents in the merged document by

dragging the selected files to merge up and down in the list. The first file in the list will be the first page in the merged document and the merged document page format will be based on the page format of this first document.

 Download  92Kb

Command line FTP uploader
This was a small project I made for someone who had an excel sheet with a chart that was constantly updated. They wanted a picture of the chart to be uploaded to their web site whenever the chart information was changed.
To do this I added 4 lines of VBA macro code to the excel sheet which saves an image of the chart as a jpg file and then calls the FTP.exe uploader to upload the image.

The FTP.exe uploader is a an exe file which accepts two parameters in its command line. The first parameter is the file to upload (full path required), the second parameter is the location to upload the file to (without the server root directory). Simply double clicking on the FTP.exe file without parameters allows you to setup the upload site information. You can save this information in the ini file by clicking the Save as Default button BUT it is not advisable to save your password if you are using this on a computer that gets used by others.

If you leave the password field empty the setup screen will popup (as shown) for you to enter the password prior to uploading. The password is saved in encrypted form but the encryption is not very strong at all. Tick the box to stop the password from being saved with the other data entered. If you do save the password the upload will go ahead without any further interaction assuming you have entered your File Transfer Protocol data correctly.


The download includes

1) FTP.exe - the command line FTP uploader program

2) Test Chart Upload.xls - the excel file with the chart and macros to save the chart and call the uploader.

3) MyChart.jpg - the picture of the chart created by the excel macro

4) Test.htm - the web page that contains the  embeded picture of the chart.

5) FTP.ini - The file that all the FTP settings are saved in.



Name Picker
This software package was written by a good friend and colleague, Phil Burney-Cumming and all enquiries about the software should be directed to him.


This is a quick to setup random name selector which uses a list of names from an easy to create CSV file. Instructions for creating these files are provided in the readme file but they are just a list of names in an Excel file. It needn’t be limited to Names being picked. It could be used to select teams, Numbers, or Vocab. basically any text that can go in an Excel cell. However, you may find that words start to disappear if they are too big.


There is an option for "No Repeats" which should mean each name will get picked once before anyone is picked for a second time. If you switch it on then the setting only takes affect from that point onwards. When switching from on to off it will remember which ones have been picked up till that point. If you then switch back on it will carry on going to new names only from that point.


It is designed to stay on top of all windows except those programs which are designed to take over the whole screen however you can turn this off if you wish.


It is easy to only pick students who have their hands up and get into the habit of only picking the same students over and over again. Some students remain “under the radar”  or think they don’t need to pay attention. As one student put it “We have to concentrate when this is being used”.

 Download  Name