Pair Them Up       



Version History





Just a small update to fix the use of overriding the default sounds with your own sound files (wav files). This had stopped working correctly after upgrading to ver 4.0.00.






New in this version:


1) Removed all reference to saved settings in the system registry and converted to a per user initialization file (PTU.ini) This allows for easier installation and usage especially on networks that use mandatory profiles. Pair Them Up can now be installed and registered without administrator support on network shared drives, USB pen drives and locally.


2) Added resize ability to the main screen (double click on the title bar). This allows the application to be sized, minimised ready for use, or even moved to another screen on dual screen systems. Ideal for preparation in the latter part of a lesson/presentation.


3) Made the scoreboard a little smaller and movable, just click and drag to move it where you want it.


4) Fixed a couple of bugs with the swap game mode.